Yoga & Mental Health Connection

 Yoga & Mental Health Connection

Nowadays, most global citizens, especially youths, are suffering from a mental health issues. As a result, suicide and substance abuse rate has been increased. And it become one of the major issues to we need to focus on today.
Studies show that practicing Yoga can boost your mental health usefully.
In this blog, you will mainly witness “Why Yoga?” and “The Mental Benefits” mainly.

Let’s Get Started!

“Why Yoga?”

Yoga is famous for physical fitness but as a low-impact exercise, it can benefit your mental health in many ways. You can practice it solo or with a group. Studies show that Yoga has both spiritual and philosophical base and it is all about balancing and connecting with nature and inner-soul.

Although yoga movements are slow yet they still elevate your heart rate, make the muscles work hard, and stimulate the release of brain chemicals. As a result, yoga can make you happier.

“The Mental Benefits”

Yoga helps to decrease negative emotions, anxiety, anger, stress hormones by increasing good brain chemicals such as endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine, GABA (Gamma-AminoButyric Acid). Hence, this lifelong, non-competitive exercise can uplift the performance of heart rate, muscles and brain in order to make you a happy person. It can also provide much effort to slow the aging process.

Here are some moves that look simple yet powerfully effective for your Mental Health.
The benefits of these poses are to reduce anxiety, stress level, and insomnia issue in order to keep your mind and body calm and relaxing.

Yoga & Mental Health
Legs Up The Wall

This pose helps your nervous system and reduce insomnia. Do this for 5 minutes while breathing slowly.

Yoga & Mental Health

This pose raises your self-focus, creativity level, sleep quality and reduce several stress issues.

Yoga & Mental Health
Standing Forward Bend Pose

This pose boosts your strength, flexibility, oxygen blood flow and reduces your anxiety problem.

Yoga & Mental Health
Corpse Pose

This is the last pose to finish the daily Yoga routine. Close your eyes and freeze your position as shown in photo for 5 minutes to release all the negative energy you absorbed.

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