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As the new year has come, people love to explore new things including food. If you are bored with casual Burmese recipes, this content is a must to read.
Today, Shop MM will present marvelous traditional Burmese dishes in modern ways which are worth trying, featuring a young influencer chef, and a finalist of MasterChef Myanmar season 3, Phoe Wa Aung.

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Let’s get started!

🔸 DISH 1 🔸
First thing first, let us introduce a dish with love, called Burmese Bachelor curry with Chicken and Marrow. This dish is traditionally served on the night of the Burmese wedding with Bottle Gourd. But we created with Marrow which is well known for its detoxification effect in Burmese culture, so it is really suitable to start a new year with a healthy dish.
Watch the full cooking video here >> Burmese Bachelor Curry

Burmese Bachelor curry with Chicken and Marrow

🔸 DISH 2 🔸
Secondly, every Burmese’s favorite meat, Pork! This time, Shop MM and Chef Phoe Wa Aung brought a new recipe with Pork, Tamarind, and Eggplant in a very Asian way. As Pork and Eggplant are rich in taste, but when paired with Tamarind, which provides an acidity effect, the taste turns out really balanced and exceptional to serve.
Watch the full cooking video here >> Pork + Tamarind + Eggplant Curry

Pork curry with Tamarind & Eggplant

🔸 DISH 3 🔸
The third is a charm! In order to bring sweet and charmingly taste in 2022, Prawn and Pumpkin dish is worth trying.
Watch the full cooking video here >> Prawn & Pumpkin Curry

Prawn curry with Pumpkin
photo: internet

🔸 DISH 4 🔸
For the fourth, let us come up with a Southeast Asian dish, coconut rice with chicken curry. Shop App MM and Chef Phoe Wa Aung will show the very easy way to make it. Even If you cannot cook, you don’t have to worry, just watch our recipe video which will make you an instant chef, beautifully. 🧡
Watch the full cooking video here >> Coconut Rice & Chicken Curry

Coconut rice with Chicken curry

photo: internet

🔸 DISH 5 🔸
Last but not least, the time has come for the DESERT TIME!! We all are excited about this part and as there is a quote that says “Always Make A Room For Dessert”, it is made to fulfill your craving at every corner of the world. Burmese Mote-Ohn-Nout & Sago, sweet and creamy rice, and starch paste cake with coconut milk are every Burmese’s dream to serve as a dessert to finish the course, so what are you waiting for?
Let’s make it now! 🧡
Watch the full cooking video here >> Burmese Desserts

Mote-Ohn-Nout & Sago dessert

photo: internet

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🧡🧡 That’s a wrap! Thank you for following our journey 🧡🧡

Jan 6th, 2022
Shop MM
Written by The KaungHtet

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