Shop Seller Service from that will provide the best services for sellers 1 2735 cares about its seller as well as its customers. As a result, we are offering better services to our sellers through service centers.
If sellers are having trouble selling because of some need, there is a program called Shop Seller Service. The purpose of this program is to enable sellers to sell their products cheaply and without hassle.

Shop Seller Service solve common problems for sellers such as out of stock for packaging, stock list printing, no computer or laptop to make list, not having a printer and etc…

Not only that. Sometimes there are long waits or delays in picking up items, as well as problems with packaging. However, in this program, not only mechanical services but also packaging materials can be easily purchased. These include alarm(RTS) system. When the alarm goes on, you can pick up the item. And you can also get the fastest packaging and printing at a cheap price.

As the shop is always striving to solve the problems of the sellers, the sellers should work with the shop to expand your business and sell more …

Work with Shop to expand your market …

To Register

Sellers can contact the Seller Support Hotline 09-969998810 for more information. You can also call 09-765606968 via Viber.

To contact Shop Seller Service, please contact your local telephone number.

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