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If you scroll down Instagram feed, you’ll doubtlessly notice a bunch of backpacks that everyone takes a photograph with it. “anello” backpacks are kind of queen in backpack kingdom during these days. Their simple but aesthetic design makes those backpacks unique. Normally, if we would like to get the trendy item, we have to order it online from foreign countries. It means there is extra shipping fees and it is not so cool. Right??

Well, what if we say there will be no more of extra shipping fees? Yes, you can now buy them from

Mouthpiece Cotton Nylon Backpack


It is the kind of backpack that you will fall in love with. The straps will not dig into your shoulders, and it is very comfortable to wear. If your shoulders are hurt for carrying it for a long time, there will be a handle on top of the bag that you can hold onto it.

Mouthpiece Mini Backpack


These mini backpacks are cute as a button. Pair it with cute dress and you are ready to stand out in the crowd. It has more than four color variations to choose compared to Mouthpiece Cotton Nylon Backpacks which only have four.

Regular Canvas Square Backpack

The straps are wide, so it is comfortable to wear on your shoulder. It will not fall apart after a short period of time just because you put stuffs in there. It has pocket in front of the backpack for keys, phone or note pad.

PU Mini Backpack


It has two open pockets, one front zipper pocket and one back zipper. It even has two interior pockets. If you are an organized person, this bag is for you. No more digging into the piles of trash in bag just because you want to get a pencil. There is enough pocket to put the things neatly. Ivory/Camel color is lovely.

Don’t like anello?? It’s ok no one is going to sue you for not liking anello. has a collection of the biggest brands in backpacks. Go and browse to get affordable but sophisticated design backpack for yourself.

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