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You might have thanked the rain when the monsoon first arrived because it washed off your sweat. Everything on earth was beautiful at that time. But once the rainy season really sets in, it is not fun anymore. Petrichor is not going to make you feel relaxed and poetic. You might love rain, but you probably hate rainy season. It has never been our favorite season, especially in Myanmar where we annoyingly get more than our fair share. Whenever we go to school or office, it will always make our outfit and hair messy.

So, how should we put our life together in this hideous weather? There are literally six problems we have and we will give you six solutions that might help your adult life in rainy season more bearable.

Can’t Get Out of the Bed? – Coffee


I understand that you are afraid to step onto dog’s faeces mistaking it to be mud while you are on the way to your office. The sound of the droplets of cloud seduces you to stay in your bed. But, you need to get out of bed, because your account balance and utility bills won’t let you take a nap. A good cup of coffee in the morning can set your mood for a day. Shop offers up to 52% discounts on selected coffee machine. If you are not a fan of coffee machine, there are also instant coffee mix and kettle. Buy it and let them help you to bring up your energy!

Can’t tame the hair? _ Blow Dry

Don’t be afraid of getting your arm aches because of blow drying. It will be your only weapon during this season. You have to do it carefully with the right techniques to get perfect hairstyle. And put it in your office’s drawer too. You can’t have a meeting with your clients when you look like you just get out of the swimming pool. Up to 14% off hair dryers are available now at

Struggle to find a place when the rain gets out of hand? _ Umbrella

Always arrive at the party behind schedule and you are “fashionable late”. Do that in work for multiple times and your boss will kick you out of the office.  You can’t explain to them you were under the shelter to avoid heavy rain just because you forgot to bring the umbrella with you. Umbrellas from shop start from 2000 ks and they are strong enough for wind and rain.

Strong wind? _ Raincoat

Umbrella might not be helpful if the wind gets out of control. When the car drives through the puddle, it will splash all over you and you are going to accept that your life is ruined. Wear the raincoat and it will prevent you to get muddy and dirty. You can get up to 50% off raincoats via this link!

Are wet clothes difficult to dry? _ Washing Machine

It might be troublesome when it comes to drying clothes in rainy season. We can’t just wash our clothes by hand and hang it onto the clotheslines because if we do this, the floor will be drenched with water from that wet clothes. All we need is functional washing machines and dryers. Shop provides up to 20% off on selected washing machine.

Bored at home? _ Cooking and Baking

Don’t feel like going out on weekends because the outside world is cold and wet, you might want to do things that will not bore you to death. There is up to 15% off on selected kitchen appliances including hand blender and mixed stove. With these appliances, you can be a Gordon Ramsay at your own home.

Monsoon sale have other deals that are not included in this blog but can be your favorite. So, go and visit there before the time runs out.








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