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We have fond memory of our father from big moments to the little things that we will always remember with smile on our face. When we were kids, adults would ask us what would you like to do when you grow old? 70% of our answers might be like “we would like to do whatever our father do for our family”. For example, we want to become an engineer like our father.  There is no strong or valid reason for this, we just think they are always so cool figure in our eyes.

Gradually, we become adults and dealing with our own insecurities and personal problems that we might even forget the very existence of our dad. We forget he trained us to walk or work for us. When that reality hits you hard, you might wonder how unfair of the life is. But, don’t worry, we can recover that in time. We can fix that together.

Taking care of his health

The primary focus for you is your father’s health. Medical checkup is a key role in preventing and control of many diseases. You can get the advanced health checks with the special discount prices! CBL Medical Centre is ready to care your father’s valuable health with peace quiet environment, clean and neat clinic decoration, qualified specialist doctors and medical staffs, advanced medical diagnostic equipment and laboratory equipment which imported from USA, UK and Germany. In addition, patients can consult with doctors from Singapore Parkway Hospital if necessary.

Spending time with him

So, your dad might feel like nobody cares about him anymore because he thinks he is useless in society (our behavior might push him to think about the fragility of his). So, what should we do to stop it? Simple, all you need to do is spending time with him! If you don’t have enough time to spare, go food hunting with him in the fine dining restaurants like The Marina Indian Restaurant. Why fine dining? You might think home made meal is quite lovely too. But, you need to make him think he is still important and you still care for him. The services at Marina is wonderful. They will make sure your dad feels special.

Create a day free from Pressure

If your dad is still breadwinner for your family, you need to give him a day free from any pressure. No more worrying thoughts of rival colleagues on that day or projects he works on. Give him the travel package to Ngwe Saung as a gift. This package includes not only two nights stay at the hotel but also round-trip bus tickets for two people. Share stories and dreams together while laying out by the beach. Your dad will remember that special day.

Shower Him with Praise

Make sure you don’t take him for granted. Make sure you know the true value of him and appreciate him for that. A bottle of Champagne makes a fabulous gift. Champagne is a luxury beverage, it means the recipients of this gift knows they are loved and respected. This Champagne is made from a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Munier grapes, and it is not costly.

But, if you truly love your dad, you should not treat him good only on this day but every other day with your every breathe. And if you want to buy your parents lots of gift, Shop.com.mm has a collection of gifts for you to choose.


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