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Due to the sole reason of being broke, we might have never bought items that are above 20,000ks. No one can deny the fact that college life is fun and full of thrilling adventures but pricy. Whether it’s your first year or fourth, your favorite college meal is pickled tea-leaves rice salad with half fried egg. In your eagerness to start new school year, make sure you have everything you need for the College. You might think “It is not a big deal. It’s just college”, but hey, getting ready is a good practice.

Why college students enjoy eating pickled tea-leaves rice salad? Because it is affordable for them. College students can’t spend money like grown-up adults because they only have pocket money from their parents. But they have needs and wants like all of us. Guardians are willing to fulfill the “needs” but they are not so sure about “wants”. So, here is the cool items that might be your wants with reasonable price.

Stationary and Lunch Boxes

College Students

Think about the daily activities in College. Lots and lots of taking a note. You can get variety of stationary ranging from simple style Lync ball pen, Super Reynold pen to Emoji pen and Doraemon pen. You can click on this link to check other stationaries. Lunch boxes from Japan store will only cost you 2000ks which might be considered as cheap! Well, if your mom is in good mood, you can ask her to buy you a Lock & Lock lunch box.


You wake up and glance down at your phone. It reports that it’s 7:50 a.m. You go back into your bed. You think everything is fine and comfy until reality hits you hard. Your tutorail is going to start in 30 minutes. And you realize you need to run. A good pair of shoes that will not make you slip on your back inevitably becomes vital to you. Most slippers from shop are surprisingly cheap. One pair of “Shwe Myo Thu” slipper is just 5000ks! Don’t think cheap price means hideous shoes. Shop’s products are kind of fashion bombs!

Health & Beauty

College Students

You don’t need to spend your money on another lip color if you own Wardah lip palette. It has 24 colors for three skin types. Now How’s Moisture Cake lightens and evens your skin tone with its whitening and moisturizing effect and it will only cost you 5500 ks. If you are running late to class, you don’t have time to wash your greasy hair. Batiste Dry Shampoo will remove any excess grease. Hair feels gorgeously clean and fresh with added texture!


College Students

Thanks to limited pocket money, we all know the pain of walking away from favorite outfit. But we have some traditional longyi which might turn you into presentable and elegant woman. If you are new subscriber to and plan to buy it more than 40000ks, you can get 10,000 ks voucher code. (No kidding). Of course, you can’t afford over 40000 ks on some piece of clothes. But if you buy it with your friends, you can reduce the expense of it. (Just a tip, no need to thank me 😊)

Most of us kind of wish we could relive our days in college once in a while. Enjoy it while it lasts. You might regret it in future if you don’t…..

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