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This year we will be watching World Cup 2018 Football game which will be held in Eastern Europe. Some pledge their allegiance to their favorite team and some just enjoy watching the game. Of course, we differ in the ways we watch the game. Young people gather at tea shops to watch the game and passer-by can guess if the games are interesting or not just by looking at the size and impression of crowds. Recent years, people are more and more interested in watching the game in bars since they serve food and alcoholic beverages which are the main ingredients that can lift the game mood up. And some simply watch the game online via phone.

Football Fever Week

There are seven things that we might need for World Cup 2018. Interestingly, shop is offering all these things in their “Football Fever Week”. We will explain it all in the following.

Alcoholic beverages (Up to 50 % Off)

Football alcohol

Win, lose or draw. Beer and whisky will always with you to share the banter about the aftermath of the game. “I don’t feel like watching a football and having a beer” said no man ever! Well, obviously you have to be at least 18 for that. Heineken and Tiger offers attractive bonuses for bulk purchase. If you prefer whisky, rum or gin than beer, Mandalay and Grand Royal are also giving the amazing deals with free gifts. Jack Daniel’s cola which is infused with Tennessee Whiskey that comes with both can and bottle is available at shop too.

Beverage (Up to 30% Off)

Football beverage

As the World Cup will be held in Russia, the matches are in different time zones so starting times can vary. Which means we need to keep awake when the game starts. Beverage is for people who are not a fan of alcohol but would very much like to drink something that can add adrenaline rush. You can get energy drinks from Redbull, Carabao, and Shark with 10% discount. I mean you can buy it and stock it all up in the Fridge, so you can have the cold drink even the game is over.

Sportswear (Up to 15% Off)

Football sportwear

You might want to play the football with your friends before the start of World Cup 2018. Like a warm-up! Shop provides up to 15% off discounts on sportswear. Do not let the Percentage number fool you! You might think up to 15% is not much but here is good news for you. The original prices of sportswear are reasonable. For example, you can get sportswear set with only 5700 ks.

Mobile Accessories and Headphones (Up to 59% Off)

Football headphone

We need headphones because the noise from the game might wake up family members while we are watching it. The quality of the headphones should be good enough to use it even the World Cup is over. Shop has that kind of headphones. Shop also brings up to 23% off on mobile accessories.

Game Console & Accessories (Up to 15% Off)

Football game

This is for people who are not a fan of outdoor activities. Surely, you want to get the game console with more of the games you want to play. You can get 5% off on both XBOX and PS 4 from shop. FIFA 2018 football game is arguably among the greatest in the series full stop. So, buy it while it still gives you 10% off. If you are interested in other video games related items, you can click this link to find out.

TVs, Projectors and Speaker (Up to 31% Off)

Football projector

If you are the owner of the bar, it is time to invest in high quality TV or projector with speaker. Because it will be profitable when the game is on. Because football fans only want to watch it in high quality and relax with a drink or meal while watching the match with their friends. And if you don’t like to watch it with people, (which is totally understandable because I am not a fan of shouting or hearing obscenities either.) shop has various smart tv which will not cost you very much.

Cameras Accessories (Up to 44% Off)

football camera

You might smile because the cameras accessories are nothing to do with football match and shop is still trying to make it relevant. To be honest, in this economy, cameras are expensive. The expendicture of their necessities is unbelievably high and might exceed our income. Discounts from shop’s cameras accessories, we can save some extra money. So, go and grab the opportunity.

Unlucky for me, my favorite team has been stuffed in mediocrity. But, some fans are lucky enough to witness the victories of their favorite team. So, may the playoffs come easy and the discounts from “Football Fever Week” satisfy you.

You can also watch ICC Mens T20 world cup 2021 online on our mobile app.

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