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It is only the middle of May but that hasn’t stopped the “Back to School” Campaign to get started. It is the time of the school year when Gold Mohur covers the whole tree with flaming red and grey clouds in the sky that give us the first rain drops of the rainy season. And then, the lingering scent of earth’s fresh air, petrichor, slowly hits you. It’s the time of the year when parents start buying school supplies and apparel, and when students get excited about the incoming school entry. We understand parents genuinely want to provide the happiness and excitement to their children because they also had that feeling in their childhood.

Time is changing. It means you don’t need to stand in a long queue to buy school supplies. Shop.com.mm always takes care of customers’ well-being. That is why we made “Back to School” Campaign in which parents can buy the necessary school items without breaking a sweat. “Back to School” Campaign has school items ranging from stationary, school supplies to accessories and ensembles. If you want to know about the products in details, you can explore it via this link. You can kindly check high quality products which have attractive deals from below.

Stationary – Up to 40% Off

The night before school starts, we bind our hardback book, sharpen our pencils and put it in case with other stationaries. Then, we prepare to get our bag and school supplies ready, so we can grab it and go in the morning. Stabilo is offering 20% off propelling pencil which comes with comfortable grip zone for relaxed hold. Eraser is also integrated in push-button top. We also have discounted colorful highlighters to mark the important notes. You can also get pen, correction pen and eraser with cheap price.

Golden Tiger offers 15% on all stationaries. Kyaukekyaw ruler and Super Reynold Pen which never get old for students are also available at Golden Tiger with 15% discount. Of course, students also need a notebook that they can doodle on it. So, don’t forget to put it in the cart! You can also get fancy exercise books and minions stationery set from there.

Uniform – Up to 5% Off

Wearing a uniform creates a unique identity for students and they can be pretty fashionable. You can get the school uniform from U Lay Gyi. All uniforms are made with high quality fabric, so it is comfortable to wear. U Lay Gyi offers 5% off on all designs of their uniforms.

Accessories – Up to 20% Off

Lock & Lock provides sensational Airtight Food Containers and innovative Home & Living “environmental-friendly” products. Lock & Lock products are touted to be leakproof, waterproof containers that can be stacked, flipped upside down, and turned on their sides with no leakage. They have a 4-side-locked system that keeps moisture out. With these lunch box and water bottle, students can eat warm lunch at any time.  They offer 20% off on selected item during “Back to School” Campaign.

For beginners, flash cards also offer children an easy way to study over 100 numbers and basic words. And, we have L-File which students can use it to keep important paper. Students won’t need to search the Card clip in hurry on first day of school if you buy it from shop.com.mm.

School Supply – Up to 15% Off

Some school supplies might not be essential for every students. But, it might be useful in some way. For example, if you bought the knife, you don’t need to borrow it from others just because you forgot your pencil sharpner at home. Pen containers will make your desk look less messy, so you can concentrate and be at peace while studying. Bookmark, L-File, stapler and other stationaries might be considered as non-essential, but they are kind of useful in one way or another.

Back to School” Campaign will be held from 14 May to 25 May with amazing deals and free gifts. If you order it on mobile app, there will be no delivery charges.






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