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If you think www.shop.com.mm is only for fashionista and technophile, we are very sorry to say that you are wrong. We have books that are worth to read in the rainy days or books that are instagramable. “This book I have been reading is so good, I couldn’t even sleep” and “it starts slow, but the twist is worth my time.” Those two sentences are adopted by bookworms. And we are not afraid to say we have books that are deserved to be the reason of this sentences.

It is needless to say that bookworms are greedy about books. Whenever you arrive the book store only to realize that you don’t have enough money to get all the books, the unpleasant feeling while not getting what you want and the confusion of choosing the perfect bookmark. To be honest, we have all been there. Order books online so you don’t need to have the unpleasant consequences. We have Books Category for people who are no strangers to pages. Of course, the value of novels should not be defined by their price. But, the prices of some novels written in English or Burmese are enjoyably affordable. There are also rare novels you can get from us. (For example, English version of “Thu Lo Lu” written by Journal Kyaw Ma Ma Lay is also available at www.shop.com.mm!). Everything recommended below was carefully chosen. So, you don’t need to worry the quality of the content.


From Francis Fukuyama to Dr. Yan Myo Thein, www.shop.com.mm offers various political aspects of books. Francis is known for his book “The End of History and the Last Man”. Some politicians and economists assume he is kind of expect in predicting the history of world order. There are also books about politics for past, present and future condition of Myanmar.  


Khin Hnin Yu’s “Sein Thint Mha Sein” explores the beauty of nature and identity. The most interesting part of this book is how she portrays agricultural and animal husbandry. It is beautifully written, and readers might even want to visit this fictional place. We also have the novel “To all the boys I’ve loved before” which has spent 40 weeks on The New York Times Best Seller list. The story is about a girl that has written love letters to the boy she had crush on.


Once upon a time, there was a time when the characters only existed in books, but some plots are so exceptionally good, they have turned into screen. Game of Thrones (Universally loved by everyone on planet earth), Divergent and Hunger Games Trilogy are available at www.shop.com.mm. If you are DC fan, we also have comic book for you to choose.


Paulo Coelho authors the novel about the world of celebrity. His “The winner stands alone” is a mixture of our obsession with fame, glamour, and celebrity. He always has something to give us about the meaning of life in his books. Therefore, reading this book might be worth your time. There are also books that can make you feel better about the society and self-awareness. You can explore it via this link.

Kids books and Educational books

Books from Third Story Children can teach your children the way of interaction and embracement of the differences. Using the paperback dictionary might be considered as lame but it might make you to remember the vocabulary more than the app. Click this to buy it for yourself.

Of course, we have more than a thousand books in www.shop.com.mm. Some of it are kind of novels that are not to be forgotten. If you don’t like the above suggestion, you can feel free to explore our online bookshelf by yourself.

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