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Did you know you don’t need Shwe Hmone Yati’s Bank balance to shine like a diamond in coming Thingyan Festival? While some people might suggest that Thingyan and fashion have nothing in common, those in the know are aware that we have to look fabulous in order to go ballistic in water fight. Looking stylish even though you are drenched in the water is an extraordinary skill. Because if you are not careful, you are going to be the end of everyone’s laugh. However, this cool look can be achieved in many creative ways.

What is “Thingyan Sale”?

Obviously, shop is known for having great deals, but this time of the year, fashionable ensemble for Thingyan will be available with largest discount. There are three things that might be the best news for your well-beings. First, shop is gifting us with a second biggest sale (Biggest sale is Black Friday Sale which you already knew) on 6 categories for coming Thingyan. Second, they provide every product delivered right into our door, without a delivery fee. Even better, Shop has taken a good care of customers from all over the country guaranteeing that you’ll never pay more for an item just because you are living far away from Yangon. Third, this might be the best part, special daily deals on top brands will also be in this Sale Period.

Choosing the appropriate style for Thingyan is a such a difficult task because we need to stand out in the crowd while remaining comfortable. So, we picked up the clothing brands that have the international standard fabric material and are not boring even after Thingyan.  And here are the selected brands for Fashion only.



Fancy tops and bottoms that can be worn on any occasion.  You can also get vintage style outfit at there. And also, there are dresses that have amazing floral printed design for summer. 

Discount rate – Up to 50% Off



Sport wears that are so on point that you will want to wear out of the gym as a creative outfit idea. In addition, Burmese much loved ERKE shoes are on sale right now too. 

Discount rate – Up to 60% Off



If you want to feel like a grown-up lady, here is the pretty feminine dresses from MDS. You can wear it at water spraying stations aka Pandals. There are also cute tops and bodycon dress that you will want to wear it again and again. Add to your cart before the stocks run out.

Discount rate – Up to 50% Off



Splaying water onto passerby while wearing Burmese traditional attire is quite popular in a couple of years. So, if you don’t want to get behind the trend, grab these fascinating outfit. (Yep we know it is not international brand! We choose it because it has the international standard)

Discount rate – Up to 50% Off



Hundreds of 9/11 rescue workers used classic Timberland boots because their shoes melted on the ground at this time. So, it is needless to say that each pair of boots is specially made with most durable and time-tested leather. Not only their boots are legendary but also their apparels are unique. Selected products of Timberland are on sale right now.

Discount rate – Up to 50% Off



For the ultimate youthful and edgy looks! Tank tops , pants and light color T-shirt are the symbol of summer. They are super comfortable that you will be thankful for after a long summer day. 

Discount rate – Up to 58% Off

Health & Beauty


We admit Health & Beauty is not related to Fashion. But we should not be barefaced even though our fashion is so lit. Sunlight will be our common enemy during Thingyan. We agree we cannot stop from getting darker skin but we can reduce the level of it by applying appropriate sun-cream. All of the skin care and makeup products from shop are genuine and authentic so you do not need to worry about buying the fake products! And also there are tons of Hair Color products that can make you stand out in the crowd. Most of Health & Beauty products are up to 90 % off during Thingyan Sale. 

Of course, other fashionable clothing from Shop is worth a try too. If you are interested other exciting deals, you might want to click this link to find out.

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