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There are tons of Android phones currently on the market. Five years earlier, not everyone owns a smart-phone. But now we are living in the post-passcode world and our password for our phone becomes our face. While we are trying to catch up these exponential growth of technology, Samsung, one of the top 10 brands for five consecutive years thinks we need another Android phone. So, we have no choice but to determine how much they can make us feel impressed with their features.

No offense to iPhone users but we have to admit Samsung is always one step ahead of Apple especially you can see it in 2017. Samsung brought edge-to-edge displays into the markets with Note 8 and S8 long before Apple’ iphone X.  It might take a while to read if we put all the features Samsung put in their S9 Plus phone at this blog, so we choose a few interesting features for you. If you want to know more details about the phones, you can read it via this  Link . One of the intentions of Samsung for delivering this phones to us is they want us to communicate and express ourselves more with images, videos and emojis. In other words, they want to keep us more attached to our phones. So, are they just boasting or do their words and actions match up? Let’s find out.


Samsung is launching its phones in two screen sizes in 2018. With this screen sizes and rounded corners, the designs of S9 Plus might be identical to the last year’s Galaxy S8+ (except the addition of Purple as heck color). But looks can be deceiving because they are not identical in sizes. S9+ is slightly shorter and narrower than the previous ones. It has a larger 6.2-inch screen than the Samsung S9. 7000 series aluminum will make them nearly unbreakable, and the glass is 20% thicker for the sake of durability.

AR Emoji

They add AR emoji feature to the phone, and its value depends on how much we take advantage of those. Because the more you use it, the more enjoyable you will be doing that. They will let us select a character from a multiple options, and then send emoji as that character we choose. All we have to do is looking at the phone and speaking our message, and this emoji will act it out, things like facial expressions and the movement of our lips. Most awesome feature that we can’t find in any others’ phones is that they will scan our face and give us our own emoji in different scenes. With this incredible feature, it is like they are intentionally making us to increase our struggle without our phones at arm’s reach!


Technical journalists and bloggers are spending a ton of time in the past week to write about Samsung S9 Plus. They might have different opinion in other features for Samsung S9 Plus but they all have same opinion on the Camera. It’s one of the best camera phones the world has ever seen.

With high end device like this, the ability to take high quality photos of a scene in the daylight should not be surprised.  But what we have to speculate is what if we took a photo in the low light? We are ordinary people who don’t have always lighting crew and tools that will support us. So, we need phones that can fulfill our needs. Samsung S9 Plus can give us the high quality images shot that captured in low light. Samsung named “Super Speed Dual Pixel” camera for S9 Plus. Like this name, it is faster than the previous Dual Pixel Camera that used on Note 7, S8, S8+, and Note 8.

Another awesome fact about the camera is they can let us take slow-motion video that captures 960 frames per second. Samsung says automatic Motion Detection can detect movement in the frame and automatically begins to record. All we have to do is set up the shot. Also, we can make custom GIF files easily with a simple tap in various styles of looping to watch it again. Samsung’s intelligence platform, Bixby vision can really act out as our digital assistant. Bixby will automatically generate the information directly on top of the image that the camera is pointing at. Live translation will make us easy to translate foreign languages and currency. It can also track the calories. That is kind of owning a robot!

Knox 3.1
No one can trick S9 Plus that means no thief can get in this phone which is literally the only thing we really want. Samsung used Knox 3.1 that is their latest defense-grade security platform. We can choose three options – iris, fingerprint and facial recognition. Intelligent Scan will let us unlock the phones super quick in various situations. Have you ever experienced the catastrophic moment when your phone doesn’t let you unlock the phone because of your greasy fingerprints? Prepare to say Goodbye to this trouble! Dedicated Finger printing makes us to use a different fingerprint to access Secure Folder than the one used to unlock the phone.

Well, we assume it exceeds our expectations where it matters most – super speed function, security and photo quality. So, if you ask us “Should I buy New Samsung S9 Plus?” it will be Super YES!

Samsung S9 Plus is available for Pre-order now through


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