Shop Is Bringing Back Up To 70% Off Philips Week from Yesteryear Plus Free Delivery to Every Part of Myanmar Until 7th of March 0 275

You might have mumbled “this cheap shouldn’t look this good” about Phillips gadgets you bought from Philips Week in the last year. Don’t worry you can keep saying about that. Because different kinds of Philips’ electronic gadgets are now up to 70% discount at shop. You already know that we are always looking for the ways for your convenience and when we found out shop is giving away the discounts again for this year, we are super excited. As long as we remember, Philips has been with us for a long time. We have been using Philips’ products and they always held up to our standards. It is also popular wedding gift in Myanmar tradition because newlywed couple always receives at least one kind of Philips’s products and they have never had any complaints with it. Here is the kind of things you can get from shop with best prices.

Beauty & Health


Women want perfect hair style in a healthy way. And Men can also create any beard style they want with electronic shavers. No one can know better about that than Philips. Not only their shavers can’t damage your skin but also you can create your hair style without any risk. They are best known for this kind of things.

Phones & Speakers


Earphones of Philips have a crowd-pleasing design and an affordable price. They are always a great buy compared to the more expensive ones too. The sound quality is superb. With this price, you will not find better headphones. Philips’ docking station are also nice to try. Some of them can charge up to two devices together and work as alarm clock, so you can start your day off with your favorite kind of music.

Kitchen Appliance


Every type of garment from Linen to cotton, you can iron it without the risk of burning. Clumsy girl like us should keep it one for herself. No more ultra-burning to your office attire. There is also appliance for coffee addicts. Enjoy good coffee with a reliable coffeemaker in a smart and compact design for easy storage. The smell of burnt coffee beans will make you mouthwatering.

Audio & Video


Everyone likes to listen music but how we listen is changing because of internet. That is why you might be called old-fashioned as you are still listening to CD! But when it comes to music from the 1990s, we should keep listening it in the form for which it was made. It is more obvious when we listen to Prince and Metallica. And in addition, the standard encoding for CDs, 1,411.2 kilobytes per second, beats any online streaming music. So, buy sound machine from Philips before it is too late. They will let you indulge in the pleasures of enjoying your favorite music with the help of easy-to-use functions.

Another great news is that free delivery to any part of Myanmar is available until 7th of March. No more extra charges! Best prices and best quality!  What more could you need?


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