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Since 2014, Nestle’ has been the largest food company in the world according to Forbes Magazine. And now, shop and Nestle’ are holding Baby Fair which which will be starting form 1st March to 15th March. We can say the word “Fair” is great for our well-being because they will always bring special discounts and freebies. So, Mr and Mrs Dad and Mom, let’s find out which kind of  splendid deal you can get for your tiny pumpkin.

To be honest, in this economy, babies are expensive. The expendicture of their necessities is unbeliveably high and might exceed our income. That is why we are always trying to figure out how to reduce expenses. With these discounts and freebies from Baby Fair, we can save some extra money. You can get up to 25% discounts for the purchase of Lactogen3, Nutripuff Strawbery and Multigranin. Also, free gifts will be given such as free Nutripuff Strawberry for the purchase of Lactogen3 150g or 600g, free Lactogen3 150g and Cerelac Club Membership for the purchase of Nutripuff Strawberry and Multigranin.

It is understandable that you don’t want to buy the unbeknownst nutrients for your tiny humans. Here is the essential detail of those nutrients.



It is a balanced growing up milk powder for your baby from 2 years. This newly renovated formulation contains the right combination of nutrients to enable your child to start off her day happily. It can help immature digestive system and helps to reduce discomforts in tummy.

Nutripuff Strawbery


It contains higher daily Vitamin B1, iron and good source of Zinc necessary for child growth and development. Vitamin B1 helps in energy production. Iron is important for red blood cell formulation. Zinc helps in your child’s growth and development. They might not turn into superman because of this but their strength will grow faster than you expected.



The higher Iron content will be given to your preciouse ones more than 50% of daily iron needs, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and other nutrients necessary for their growth and development. Additionally, it contains BifidusBL for healthy gut. Well, Bifidus is not a spell that used by Fariy Godmother. It can balance the bacteria and yeast for the strength and balance of the intestinal tract.

Well, don’t just linger over this incredible deal. Take action. Fill your cart. Be happy.

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