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Shop.com.mm has ventured into travel packages (Mirandus) with the intention to provide best prices to amazing destinations. There are some hard parts of travelling from packing to barely making it to car gate in time, the whole experience can be horrible. We rounded up a bunch of travel ideas so that you will not have a panic attack this summer season and beyond.

Before I introduce you to the delightful travel deals, allow me to explain the meaning of Mirandus. The name comes from Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest” meaning admirable. It is here for people who might not be sure where they would like to go for a holiday or how much money they would like to spend. Of course, travel packages that are featured in Mirandus offer astonishing services. All yangonites need to do is book a package and you are on your way to the dream destinations. Let them serve you.


When you yearn for stars in your eyes and the amenities, book Bagan vacation packages. For your information, there are three types of packages: VVIP, GA and Budget. Hotels are situated in the convenient location, close to all local amenities. No need to waste another transaction cost, you can casually walk around the neighbors.

Wow Travel Package(budget) – 190,000 ks to 169,000 ks (10% off)

Yin Myo Thu hotel or similar

Premium Travel Package(GA) – 250,000 ks to 220,000 ks (10% off)

Gracious hotel or similar 3 star hotel

Signature Travel Package(VVIP) – 370,000 ks to 340,000 ks (10% off)

River View hotel or similar 5 star hotel


Longing for seductive earth aroma? Leave stress and anxiety at home, here you can get peace and tranquility you deserve. Many of Kalaw’s original colonial-era buildings remain, and it is also known as Myanmar’s trekking mecca. This is the only place for foreign travelers who do not need the prior permission for overnight trekking.

Wow Travel Package(budget)

Winner Hotel or Similar Hotel – 220,000 ks to 180,000 ks (18% off)

Gold Travel Package(VIP)

Kalaw Hertiage or similar 4 star hotel – 320,000 ks to 280,000 ks (13% off)

Ngwe Saung

It is only 5 hours’ drive away from Yangon. So, you don’t need to get exhausted for a long ride. Activities like snorkeling or banana boat are available at there. At night, it is pleasantly quiet except the roar of the sea. You will definitely enjoy it!

Wow Travel Package(budget) – 130,000 ks to 99,000 ks (24% off)

Dream House Hotel or Similar

Premium Travel Package(GA) – 170,000 ks to 140,000 ks (18% off)

Yuzana Resort or similar 3 star hotel

Gold Travel Package(VIP) – 220,000 ks to 190,000 ks (14% off)

Ocean Paradise or similar 4 star hotel

Signature Travel Package(VVIP) – 350,000 ks to 339,000 ks (3% off)

Eskala Hotel or similar 5 star hotel


According to TripAdvisor, it is the best beach in Asia and ranked as 8 in global list. It is known as “A Touch of paradise” and has the white sand and clear water. You can also see a bit more of the realities of life at fishing villages. Eat at local seafood restaurants or just lay out by the beach, Ngaplai has always something to surprise you with its blissful way.

Wow Travel Package(budget) – 210,000 ks to 182,000 ks (13% off)

Hotel May House or similar

Premium Travel Package(GA) – 260,000 ks to 244,000 ks (6% off)

AZ family or similar 3 star hotel

Gold Travel Package(VIP) – 330,000 ks to 309,000 ks (6% off)

Ngapali Paradise Beach or similar 4 star hotel


It is the city of art. Many well-known classic artists and poets come from Mandalay. It used to be King Mindon’s royal capital. It has riverside to explore, as well as a thriving tea shop culture that offers travelers the chance to taste the local cuisine. You can carouse around in china town just for the night. We can assume Mandalay is an interesting place to meet between past and present.

Wow Travel Package(budget) – 130,000 ks to 110,000 ks (15% off)

Yuan Shaung or similar

All packages of every distinctions that we mentioned include not only two nights stay at the hotel and hotel breakfast but also bus tickets round trip for two people. Nature is awe-inspiring, elegant and seriously interesting. We need to explore it as much as we can. Shut down your laptop and turn off your social media because travelling season has arrived…….

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