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If you want your girlfriend to love you more than her Korean idols, you need to use the strategy. You know the struggle of listening the names of her Korean idols and trying to remember each and everyone of them because you are afraid if you forget the names, your girlfriend might dump you. (Spoiler – She will). Fortunately, we can prevent bad things from happening in the first place by choosing the plan B which is to buy the original Korean gift for her.

There is an amazing place called “Korean Mall” at shop.com.mm which is not technically a shopping mall with elevator and roof. But this is the place if you are looking for Korean products which are authentic and genuine. You can get more information of Korean Mall in this blog. “About Korean Mall” Another exciting news is that you can spend less money on Valentine’s day gift because they are giving up to 60% off on selected products. So, here is the bunch of Korean products that will help you to gain the love and affection from your beloved one.

Long Sleeve Knitted Sweater – Blue


Sweater paws are the cutest fashion invention. It is the best weapon to add cuteness to any girls’ look. And she also knows that she is endearing in her sweater paws. So, if you buy it for her as a gift, she will appreciate your effort.

Edge Taping Open Jacket – Grey


It is the jacket that your girlfriend will reach for again and again while she goes out a date with you. The jacket comes from latest Korean fashion trends and she will be thankful that you are catching up the fashion trends only for her.

Etude House Dear Darling Oil Tint

Etude House Lip Tint

Your girlfriend knows every cosmetic from Etude House are made with finest raw material. So, if she would receive one of their products as a gift, she will be grateful. Bonus for you is that this lip gloss will make her lips so kissable and unmissable.

Aqua Set

Skin Care Set

Girls love accepting the skin care product as a gift. They love it even more when the gift turns out to be a full set. The major ingredients of this product are bamboo and birch sap. You are probably wondering what is birch sap? Well, it comes from birch tree and it is the best to purify the skin. You can explain this information while giving this to her and she will realize that you really care for her and her well- being.

Star-chained diamond necklace – Bermuda Blue

Diamond Necklace

Most of the girls in the world are infatuated with “Swarovski” Crystals. You can show your devotion to her with this Bermuda blue necklace. It looks so aesthetically pleasing and she will feel loved and appreciated for that.

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum – 80ml

Green Tea Seed Serum

Innisfree is known to use for young looking and blemish skin. Not to be dramatic but we would like to inform you that choice of word is important. For example, you can’t say “Hey the skincare I bought for you is good for younger look”. Because your girlfriend might think you are saying subtly that she looks old. Just say “this Green Tea Seed Serum can deeply hydrate the skin and keep you moisturized longer than you think”.



Make your girlfriend feel wanted and loved by giving the best gift in world. Food makes everyone happy including your girlfriend. Make romantic dinner that involves soup or Gimbap with this salted sea laver at home and enjoy it with your girl.

If you don’t want to take our suggestion, you can create your own romantic gifts for her via this link.(Korean Mall) Lastly, be a romantic and make sure she is the center of your attention and show her the tenderness and affection not only on the Valentine’s day but every breath of you on each day.


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