“Weight loss is the least likely New Year’s Resolution to be achieved,” Or is it????? 0 318

There are many new year resolution: lose weight, learn a new language, spend more time with the loved ones. Among them, a large group of people set the goal to lose weight. Every January, they assume they will lose pounds if they promise themselves to join the gym. According to the article that reported by BBC (BBC), most diets just don’t work. Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson, New York Times Best-Selling author said, “Weight loss is the least likely New Year’s Resolution to be achieved”. It is sad to hear about this kind of news. But there is always hope and redemption even in the darkest time.

How should we break the Myth?
What we have to do is small and progressive changes. Physical exercise is also the key to achieve our goal. However, human beings are always trying to be as lazy as possible. So, we are going to bring the gym into our home. It will save our time and be with us if we can’t be bothered to haul our body out of the bed for going to the gym during winter.
1.Keep journal with us.

At first, we need to organize and make our goal feasible by writing the plans down in each and everyday. Everything you eat need to be recorded. For example, if you have read “A big French fries ” in your journal, it can stop you from eating another unhealthy choices of food in the next time.

Mini Diary

2. Weighting Scale

Researchers from Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania found the fact that those who get on their scales over two years have a drop in both BMI and body fat. Examining ourself everyday motivates us to look after our body more.

Weighting Scales

3. Fitness bracelet is the game changer

It will give us the accurate measurement of heart rate during work out. The steps we took will be recorded and will motivate us to be more active. With its drinking reminder, we are never going to suffer from chronic dehydration.

Fitness Bracelet

4. Dumbbell for more defined body

We can have a lean muscle with the dumbbell without breaking things in our home. Continual movement of these dumbbell will leave your muscle burning.



It is the easiest way to lose weight. It is simple and all we have to do is holding these rope and jump. It is good for cardio exercise and can improve our strength. It is fun to do so we will never feel tired by our workouts.

Jumping Rope

6.Tighten the core
Who doesn’t want 6-pack? Everyone wants 6-pack. Due to the delicious foods, 6 packs are kept away from most people. However, we can get a better looking body with these set of abs roller. It will suck your fat from abdomen and joy from your life. But everything will be worth it.

Abs Roller

7. Gym Ball
Are sit-ups and push-ups hard for you? Try holding this gym ball while doing it. It will be miserable and sad. But to get in shape, we have to endure soreness. Gym balls are great way to improve strength for our back, waist and abdomen. When it is not used for exercise, we can use it to sit and bounce on.

Gym Ball

All of the above mentioned products have fair and reasonable prices. Not one product can cost us above 100,000 kyats. The total expenses of it will be as same as the average monthly fee for a gym membership at best gyms in Yangon.

A combination of diets and exercises can lose your weight. Both things are hard to keep it up. Sometimes it will make us to put down all this exercise and pick up the ice-cold beer. The journey to achieve the goal will be confusing and exhausting, but we press on regardless because 2018 will be the year for us.

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