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Shop’s Black Friday which is the biggest online sale campaign of the whole year is about to start. Commencing from 22nd Nov to 30th Nov, our Black Friday Sale will be live with up to 90% off mega deals and daily flash sales. We have special promotion plan which you can enjoy extra 5,000 Ks discount for minimum 25,000 Ks purchase by scanning Facebook messenger QR code during Black Friday. Let’s see how it works!

We will update the information about QR code discount for related brands on our Facebook during Black Friday. All you need to do is keep checking our Facebook, vinyl and stands from KFC, JCGV and other shops. The design will look like below.

Step 1 :

Open Facebook messenger in your device and click people icon.

Step 2 :

Click “Scan Messenger Code” and hold your camera in front of the QR code.

Step 3 :

After that, it will automatically redirect you to the chat box of and you will receive our message. Click “Get started”. After that choose “Get BlackFriday Code”.

Step 4 :

Woo Hoo, now you are the lucky winner !!! Simply type the code which you receive in voucher code session when you place order. You will get 5,000 Ks discount on minimum purchase of 25,000 Ks. You can use the voucher code only in between 22nd Nov to 30th Nov during Black Friday.

For easy shopping, don’t forget to download our app before Black Friday. Download link is given below.

For both Android & iOS >>>

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