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Uh….It’s damn hot outside during these days. What do we do to shield our skin from sunburn and harmful radiations? Staying indoors is not what we can do utmost. If you feel that your skin is having break-out or sun-damage probs, we suggest you a faster and easier way to soothe your skin. With this blog, we want to share a simple and useful beauty secret which is totally time-saving and worth-a-shot. The world’s #1 body and skin care brand, Vaseline is something that we are sticking into these days. Needless to explain much about Vaseline, it is so much popular and highly recommended with honest reviews by most of beauty junkies and beauty experts. That’s why, if you don’t own at least one Vaseline product, you are missing out!

You face is not the only one which you need to take care of, body also should be. Don’t forget to leave your home or go to bed without applying body lotion. Using a proper body lotion is such an inexpensive and effective way to pamper your skin. Let’s explore some good body care products below !

As body moisturizer

Rich in Aloe Vera soothing effects, it is the best to hydrate the dry skin and sooth the itchy skin. We recommend it if you have heavy-duty skin softening and calming. The micro droplets of Vaseline petroleum jelly help to foster deep skin penetration and begin the healing process from within.


As sunscreen with skin lightening effect

With the content of Vitamin B3, micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly and triple sunscreen, it makes the skin fairer, heals damaged skin and works as sunblock. Definitely recommend to those who want to keep the UV protected.


As healing skin therapy

It is for very sensitive and extreme dry skin. With Glycerin and micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly, it is effective on long-lasting dehydrated skin and moisturizes instantly to restore and renew it from within. It is fast-absorbing without leaving greasy or oily feel.

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