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Beauty doesn’t exist only in clothing. Paring up the well-matched accessories with your outfit is the best way to get a chic look. Of course, accessories are the key access to a stunning fashion point. However, you should never be overdone with accessories, keep it simple and stylish with minimalism. Coco Chanel once said,“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” So, accessories are in need of your fashion, but not to be used too much. Here, you will see some must-have accessories that you should never miss to keep in your wardrobe.

Earrings – Your tiny beauty supply! Wearing a pair of well-matched earrings is one way to show your feminism and elegance. Studs, Short Drops, Narrow & Long Drops and Hoop earrings should be in your vanity case for daily wear. Chandelier and Dangle earrings are perfect jewelries for some occasions. For those who don’t have ear pierced, ear cuff and wrap earrings can support you the best look as shown below.

Necklace – Does bare neck looks good especially while wearing décolleté tops? Without any shimmer on your neck, you cannot get a dramatic look. Get yourself out of the monotony fashion. While wearing neck jewelry, make sure the color of your necklace is not a clash with your outfit.

Bracelet – Leather bracelets, bangle bracelets, cuff bracelets, charm bracelets, tennis bracelets or beaded bracelets, you just need to add a bit sparkle to your wrist. Collect as much as you can, it will work for different styles.

Hair Band – Bohemian hair accessories becomes top hit trend regardless of season, meant that it will never be outdated. Keep some in your closet. It will help you to get an independent and super cool look. Bohemian style shows unconventional way of living and you will never fail to get a sense of nature and taste of freedom.

Scarf – Must-have travel accessory which works for all ages. As a multi-use travel add-on, you should carry a scarf wherever you go not only to be fashionable but also for your convenience.

Well, we hope you find a perfect accessory before you go out by catching up the latest and modern fashion trend. Dare to embrace mixed-and-matched accessories depending on occasion. I’m sure you will dress to kill!

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