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If you are truly into fashion, you might not miss the popular bralette fashion trend which is widely spread among teens and fashion lovers. Bralette is not actually new to you, it resembles the earliest bra which hit the peak in the 1920’s and 30’s. You may feel that it’s so revealing your skin while wearing bralette, but one thing you can’t deny is that it’s super cool and flexible with any outfit. It is a fun and pretty way to show off some skin in a bit sassier look. However, wearing bralette has a few limits. It doesn’t look so good for small-chested women, while it offers many options to those who have big boobs. Below are some tips and hacks to wear bralette in smarter way.

With cardigan

Find a beautiful cardigan and wear bralette underneath. If you are in the beach mood and thinking what to wear, try it on and catch all the eyes on you.

With shirts

Let’s think of a new way to wear your old shirts. You can pair a lace bralette with your plain shirt or plaid shirt and make it more glam while keeping casual. Depending on how much you want to show your skin, unbutton some top buttons.

ith open-back tops

Bralette is a must have if you are in love with open-back tops. Open back tops are good choice if you want to wear bralette but you don’t want to show off your skin too much.

As a crop top

Some bralettes don’t show too much of your skin and you can wear it alone as a crop top. Pair with shorts or high waist jeans. Perfect look for festivals and parties !

With lace blouse or sheer top

Today, lace blouses and sheer tops are coming into fashion trend since bralette are hugely demanded in the market. It looks so attractive and doesn’t directly expose your skin.

With deep neck tee

It is the most popular trend of wearing bralette with tee. It’s really pretty that a part of your lacy or silky bra is peaking out underneath the loose tee.

With crop tee

Isn’t it surprising that you can wear a crop tee with bralette? Wear a silky or lace bralette over crop tee and match it up with jeans. It’s a fun way to wear bralette without showing off your skin.

Have you come up with some new ideas how to wear a bralette?  Leave a comment below !

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