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According to Martin Luther saying, “The hair is the richest ornament of women”. Like you feed your body everyday for proper nourishment, you should do the same to your hair. Following normal hair care steps such as washing your hair two to three times a week, using a low-heat setting for hair drying, brushing your hair twice a day from the bottom up and trying hair oil and dry shampoo is good. However, choosing the right kind of hair care products is also necessary.

Introducing India’s famous hair care brand, BBlunt, all the products come with affordable price round about 10,000 MMK. For product quality, all the products are invented with high-grade technology mostly based on Indian hair type. As India and Myanmar are neighboring countries, landscape, weather, and even skin type are similar. So, we would say that BBlunt is the most-suitable for our scalp. BBlunt is not only Indian people’s constant companion but also Bollywood stars’ favorite.

BBlunt product line comes along with threefold system “Prep, Style & Transform” which works very well for all who like to do hair care to styling at home like a salon expert.

Prep – Shampoo & Conditioner (Moisturizing, Deep Moisturizing, Volumizing, Strengthening) and Refreshing Dry Shampoo)

Style – Volumizing Spray, Curl-defining Cream, Anti-frizz Leave-in Cream, Hair Polish, Hair Gel, Wax Paste, Moulding Clay, Fiber Paste, Hair Dryer, Hair Straightener, Hair Curling Wand

Transform – Temporary Hair Curler, Clip-on Hair Extensions

Love to play with colors? BBlunt One Night Stand is for those who love to wear temporary fun hair color without any damaging cause to hair. It comes with four different colors like blue velvet, emerald green, bronze and copper. You can color on your own terms by spraying instant dramatic splash of colors to your day. Then, you can simply shampoo to wash off colors.  Try it. Easy steps, highly recommended for party!

If you’re still confused with which BBlunt products are best-suited for you, you can go to this link and try the test. To purchase your favorites, check out

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