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Gradient lips

One of the top hit K-beauty looks which has been spotted in K-drama for many years till now. Many celebrities and ulzzang frequently wear gradient lip; it is super cute and subtle like you sucked on a lollipop. It can call attention to natural makeup look with mostly pale or nude colors and puppy eyeliner. It’s easy to wear and you can make it complete with your daily lipstick and concealer. Red, orange, peach and pink colors are applicable for the best looks of gradient lips. Lip tints are preferred for more long-lasting and dramatic look. Apply your favorite lip color to the inner part of the lips and smudge it out. Then, you can outline the outer corner of lips with concealer for more precise look.

Puppy eye

It’s also K-beauty eyeliner technique which definitely makes your glance look wider, bigger and round. It’s much easier than cat eyeliner. With your daily eyeliner; pen, gel or pencil liner, gently sweep the precision tip along the upper lash line from the inner eye to outer eyelid. When you reach the corner, draw it downward movement along the natural shape of your eyes. Rock it! It makes your look twice younger than your actual age.

Cat eye

Mostly known as wing-tip liner, it’s perfect for slanted eye shape and can transform into sassy and cool look. It’s easy, but not so easy to get even and smooth eyeliner. Firstly, draw a thin line on your eyelid filling up the eyeliner completely along the tightline. When it reaches the corner of your eye, slick it upward direction and draw a thick line. It’s a bit difficult to adjust the overall look for right and left eye if you are a starter to cat eyeliner. Most of the beauty gurus use taping beauty hack for this look. Before you do eyeshadow and eyeliner, you can tape slightly at the corner of your eyes following the way how you want the wing.

Matte makeup

When dewy-finish look is popular in Asia, matte makeup can be said Western beauty trend. Matte makeup look has been into beauty trend since matte lipstick hits a wave in the market. It is long-lasting and most of matte foundations are oil-absorbing, so it’s ideal to oily skin. Matte foundation, matte eyeshadow and matte lipstick don’t have any shimmer effect and it’s perfect to rock in summer. With matte makeup, you can say goodbye to your oily face with excessive sweating. When we say matte look, you may probably see nude and burgundy makeup prep in your eyes. Of course, these are quite trending colors for every matte look. Matte makeup is perfect for every out and about.

If you are inspired enough, you can try it at home and let me know how it goes!


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