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I first noticed argan oil, popularly known as “liquid gold” or “Moroccan oil”, about five months ago. I was thinking of trying a facial oil as facial oils were becoming a rave in the beauty world. I decided to order a 30 ml bottle of Acure Argan Oil for $13 and yes, I’ve found my beauty elixir!

About Argan Oil

For those who aren’t familiar with argan oil, it is a golden oil extracted from the fruits of the Argan tree that grows extensively in Morocco. It is a rich source of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and contains a lot more Vitamin E than olive oil. The 100% organ oil smells somewhat between ‘nutty’ and ‘rubbery’. Moroccans have used it for centuries to get a healthier and more youthful-looking skin.

As a Night Moisturizer

Many people, including me, have a fear of being greasy on the skin. What I like most about argan oil is that it is amazingly lightweight and doesn’t leave the skin greasy.  It is commonly called a dry oil because of its quick-absorbing properties. I put one or two dabs into the hand and then massage into face and neck before going to bed. This makes my skin smooth, nourished and gives a beautiful dewy Golden Goddess glow when I wake up.

As a Frizz Calmer

I have crazy, hard-to-manage Lion Mane hair and this oil works as a magic on my hair. It calms the frizz, makes hair softer, and adds shine and moisture to the hair. I am really happy it doesn’t leave my hair oily. A little goes a long way. I need only a few drops that last the whole day and leaves my hair looking gorgeous.

As a Lip Scrub

Being a matte lipstick junkie, I often have to experience dried out lips. As a solution to this, I mix argan oil with fine sugar and honey, lightly massage it into lips in circular motions, and then wash off with warm water. And if I am too lazy, I just lick it straight off my lips after scrubbing. Trust me, it tastes great!

Beware of Low-Quality Ones

As there are so many brands out there, it is important to look for the pure organic argan oil.  High quality argan oil is processed without using any chemicals or heat. Look out for the bottle that is labeled “Certified organic” or “Cold pressed”.  No silicone, no petroleum, no fragrance, not even water.

Some of the popular pure argan oils are:  Josie Maran



                                                                          Argan Diva

Who else is interested in this miracle oil? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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