It’s time for Super Red by Ni Ni Khin Zaw !!! 0 351

With the arrival of October, Super Red has come with four warm colors in full swing of early winter. As a first impression, the packaging style and the name “Kissable Matte Lip Liquid” really entice me. As soon as I open the lid, a beautiful scent enters through my sensory nerves and it convinces me to wear Super Red everyday.

The line is made up of four vivacious colors like DIVA, FLAWLESS, CLASSY and ROMANCE which are on-trend lipstick colors of 2016.

CLASSY is similar to dark chocolate color. Right off the bat, I just know that it’s exactly my taste which I was longing for.

FLAWLESS is indeed a nude-color lipstick which is trending this year. I love nude color as it’s a perfect match whatever the make-up look and outfit is. It’s a natural color which is a bit pastel, so double layer is needed if you like deep look.

For party and special occasions, DIVA is the right color which is actually super red! Red is a bit tough to handle for making exact edges of lips. So, you better take an extra care if you select DIVA for your day.

ROMANCE is a true pink color which is in harmony with fair skin type and pinkish makeup look without being too matchy-matchy. Changing from basic look to more girlish makeup, you can make an alternative with ROMANCE.

Talking about the details of lipstick, liquid-type Super Red is easy to glide on and gives smooth texture to the lips. This transfer-resistant lipstick doesn’t flake while ensuring long-lasting color all day. With intensity pigment and moisturizing ingredients, it boosts lips hydration and prevents from other side effects. Highly recommend for lipstick lovers!

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