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Shop Fashion Week was Myanmar’s first official online fashion show brought to you by!

It was 23rd March 2016, time for the fashion show to take place in Yangon Gallery. For all the fashion lovers, the most thrilling part of 2016 has arrived. That means plenty of runway ready-to-wear fashions from 00:55, Vestige, Chic Pauk, Springfield, Timberland and John Henry are showcased in one place and all of fashion’s biggest heavy hitters flock to Shop Fashion Week. You will certainly see the high-street fashion, designers’ creativity and sartorial elegance in the alluring models wearing trendy dresses made by fabulous fashion experts. Every craftsmanship that was adorned by the designers is the greatest effort behind the backstage. Each piece of impeccable fashion and made-to-match accessories are truly worth a watch to this occasion.

It was a glorious night for trend setters, fashionistas and all the visitors. It was the greatest and must-go show ever where I could see haute couture crafted by my all-time admired fashion designers. As a first-time attendant, I went there with my friends and business associates. It was so exciting! As soon as I stepped the entrance, I saw such a colorful and fashionable crowd even before I saw the show. Wow…it was really fantastic. The show was beautifully laid out accompanied by full of talent on display in terms of clothes’ designs and accessories. Music was great. Talking about the exhibit, the space was big enough to get on well with 300 people. Everything was beautiful with the background of rainbow-like lighting, lively music and chic looks.


Throwing back to the show, I picked three famous designers to highlight my blog: Steven Oo, Mogok Pauk Pauk and Min Khant. Steven Oo, known as knitwear architecture is a world-class designer who always puts idealistic inspiration into aesthetic designs. He pierced the fashion market with his personal line of collections. 00:55 opened in Taw Win Centre is a branch of Steven Oo in Yangon. His classic collections were assembled for the Fashion Week. Check out the highlighted designs by 00:55 below.

Next is designer Min Khant from Vestige. Being a young designer, he always comes up with fresh and innovative ideas. His work of art leads to a sport luxe trend covering varsity, with relaxed and figure-hugging look. Keeping his own signature and personal taste, he mostly uses black, grey, white, red and blue. His ready-to-wear collection mainly focused on athleisure and gym-to-street fashion is in conformity with every season and will give you a fashionable look with casual style. While I was having a talk, he said, “My creation is up to my current mood. Being influenced by what I am feeling, I bring my ideas to my artwork. I never follow the popular trends around the world so as not to lose my original style. If I go along with a particular trend, my ideas will set limits.”

As you all know, Mogok Pauk Pauk is a famous designer who usually creates the trendiest fashion in accordance with Myanmar Traditions adding the western taste. Highlighting some Myanmar traditional costumes, her special collection for this show is beautifully printed dresses made of broquette fabric. The design of these so-in dresses will give a particular taste that influences you with elegance, timelessness and classiness.

I had a nice chat with Designer Mogok Pauk Pauk. Here comes her opinion on fashion.

“Being a Myanmar fashion designer, my biggest responsibility is to preserve Myanmar culture as the popular trends in western countries start influencing our traditional fashion. Not only the Western countries but also Asia has got the high-standard fashion. For me, I’m really interested in mixing, otherwise, adapting the traditional and western fashion. Going along with fashion trends, I always think about what is more functional, seasonal and applicable for our market.”

“I mostly bring out made-to-order and high fashion line. The reason why I joined is to make a link with my unreachable customers who love to wear my designs.”

If you are interested in amazing dresses from the fashion show, you can check out the link,

Hope you guys enjoy reading it!

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