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Have you ever wondered what the most recognizable feature of fashion is? What do you think is the first thing that people notice about the fashion? It’s definitely the color! Your choice of color impacts not only on your visual look but also on your feeling. The color in your outfit says a lot about your appearance, emotions and even it shows the way how you depict yourself. Wearing the best range of colors can build up confidence and fantastic look among others.

As time goes by, color trends also keep changing year by year. Recently, 2015 has said goodbye to all of us and it left a lot of remarks in fashion. Newly created fashions and bold colors are likely to be popular this year. Not long ago, fashion specialists from Pantone have released colors of 2016: Rose Quartz & Serenity. These two colors will be most-loved among fashionistas this year. Most of the top designers around the world take inspiration of these colors and you will definitely see them in many fashion showcases and fashion expert’s craftsmanship. The following ones are our top favorite colors that will be in demand throughout the whole year.

If you want to grab someone’s attention, Buttercup color will be your best choice as it can be said “the color of sunshine”. Cheerfulness, liveliness and joyfulness dwell in this color. Are you in two minds of wearing yellow color? See the photo below. Our favorite Hollywood actress, Charlize Theron is so chic in her buttercup red carpet gown of Christian Dior.

The simple way to describe Fiesta is that it’s the red of 2016. For the reason that it is the symbolism of energy, strength and intensity. Of course, it should be worn whenever you have something thrilling to attend. Fiesta is often used to make wedding dress and it can make symbolic occasions like Valentine’s Day very interesting and passionate. English actress, Rosamund Pike shows off her stunning style in her Feista Givenchy dress and you can’t take your eyes off her!!!

Green Flash is the only color that can give you sense of nature and freedom. Wearing green is an incredibly fantastic way to solve some problems related to your emotions. Maybe you get bored of dressing in some hot colors for ages. This groovy color will give you a new feeling and new style without fail. In addition, it is commonly associated with freshness, serendipity and harmony. Solange Knowles, an American singer, songwriter, model and actress draws everyone’s attention to this green evening wear by Rosie Assoulin.

One of the Pantone colors of 2016 is Rose Quartz; it is the color of jewelry called “love stone”. Fashionistas said that Rose Quartz is sign of love and it brings trust and harmonious relationships with infinity love. It reflects innocence, feminine and benignity coming along with gentle affection.  Colombian American actress, Sofia Vergara looks so gorgeous and girlish in this Rose-Quartz Marchesa. It is a must-have color in your wardrobe and sure to grab many eyeballs.

Serenity presents as a charming, calming and cool color of 2016. It is the pale shade of blue that tends to bring fresh mood and never go out of fashion. Are you puzzling to choose colors when you are at fashion boutique? Serenity should be your first priority. See the amazing look of our favorite singer. Jennifer Lopez dresses herself in the chic and stylish serenity lace full-skirt dress of Zuhair Murad.

Have you kept enough of those colors in your wardrobe?

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